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sell-side advisory

& exit strategies


for privately held companies

our approach

We believe that selling your company is a critical and unique project on its own. Its course will influence the well-being of entrepreneurs, families and employees alike.

Preparing and engineering a successful transaction requires specific technical skills and the application of tailored processes. In addition, we are convinced that to deliver a competitive bidding process and maximal value, sales drive, international marketing skills and a solid negotiation clout are paramount.

Stockalper was founded to deliver this technical excellence with the commitment and energy of an entrepreneurial transaction team.

our services

company valuation

Understanding and defining the value of a company is an important first step to identify the transaction options available and test the project’s alignment with the owners’ expectations.

We first seek to understand the value drivers of the firm, its strategic strengths as well as its weaknesses.

From this first analysis, we select the most appropriate valuation methods and test the results against prevailing market situation.

exit planning

The objective of exit planning is to define the exit timeline, the potential investment market, and the exit strategy.

An exit strategy implies a trade-off between the owners’ personal exit timeline, the company’s actual situation (what could be optimized for a potential sale) and the prevailing market (consolidation trends, number of strategic buyers, exit valuation levels).

The exit plan outlines several scenarios regarding what needs to be done, when, and in what direction.

investment marketing

A successful investment marketing campaign delivers a competitive bidding situation among several strategic buyers.

The key elements include the production of impactful marketing materials and an extensive international research to identify the prospective buyers, their decision-makers, and their development strategy.

Once the contacting strategy has been approved, an outreach campaign is launched to deliver tailored messages to the prospective buyers, disseminate the investment memos, fuel interest, and maximise the number of letters of intent received.

due dils, negotiation and closing

Due diligence is a tedious task which needs to be properly managed, not least to shield the owners from overwhelming requests. We deploy a professional dataroom management protocole and act as the main gatekeeper with the prospective buyer.

The objective of the negotiation phase is to ensure progression towards a win-win deal, while maintaining healthy pressure on the process.

Once price and terms have been agreed, a  final exercise takes place to coordinate contract lawyers and bankers, and close the transaction.


Stockalper has been created around a team of strong, passionate, professionals who all share a dual background in finance and entrepreneurship. We pride ourselves on being a new breed of M&A advisory that is operated by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

We put great care in limiting our project pipeline to no more than 4 to 5 projects per year per partner in order to guarantee systematic and independent delivery of the highest possible value-added to our clients.

While the essence of our work is to market a unique product that usually only gets sold once, we always aim to create long-term relationships with our clients, who often become our friends.


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