About us

  • Who we are

    Stockalper Partners have assembled a team of cross-sector M&A specialists at the service of European companies and entrepreneurs in a purely independent structure with leading capabilities in sustainability.

    We believe that M&A activities will play a central role in the global transition to a green economy and we consider it Stockalper’s responsibility to actively contribute to this change.

    Hence, if you’re on a mission to make the world better and considering a strategic exit – we’re here to blaze your trail.

  • Our approach

    Our objective is to give you the largest set of options for the future of your company, with minimal trade-offs. We orchestrate competitive international campaigns in order to close the gap between mission acceleration and shareholder value.

    If you‘re active in Carbon Footprinting, Life Cycle Analysis, Circularity, Planetary Boundaries, Transformative Consulting, Supply Chain Optimization, Environmental Engineering or Cleantech, the field of opportunity for a strategic partnership is extremely broad – and global scale is within reach. We’re here to make it happen.

  • Our vision

    There’s no alternative to fundamental change. We are on the eve of the deepest and longest structural change that our economy has ever had to face. We’re looking at the mother of all industrial revolutions – for decades to come, if not centuries.

    We aim to be a driving force toward this paradigm shift. The time has come to rethink our dealmaking approaches. We call it Environmental M&A.


We stand out by our ability to deploy international campaigns whenever we believe in the business case – irrespective of company’s size. To really make a difference, spirit is key. To us, this is about ambition, commitment and perseverance – in one word, passion!

Manuel Wildhaber, Partner


Samuel Norych


Claire Veuthey

Senior Sustainability Advisor​

James Radny

Lead Mergers & Acquisitions

Elina Pennala

Mergers & Acquisitions

Vincent Ducommun

Corporate Finance

Arnaud Siberchicot


Manuel Wildhaber


Track record

Our business is nothing more than stewardship to great entrepreneurs.

We’d like to thank each and every one of them for the trust they have placed in us.