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The prospect of selling your company is a critical, unique and sometimes daunting project. Its course will influence your well-being and your future, as well as those of all the families and employees involved.

If the development of your company and your R&D portfolio has brought you to a strategic position, you have crafted a jewel. It deserves respect and the appropriate market attention. It merits to be properly courted. You have worked endlessly to bring it to where it stands, and you also deserve the best deal possible, whether in price, conditions, culture or future development plan.

Our value proposition is simple: we will support you in the project, and we will deliver the competitive bidding scenario that maximizes value. We achieve this with hard work, detailed preparation, relentless economic intelligence, authentic sales drive, international marketing skills and a solid negotiation framework.

Whether you are in the Medtech, IT or Instrumentation space, we have proven that we can navigate your field’s complexity. Stockalper was founded to deliver process excellence to tech entrepreneurs with the commitment and energy of an entrepreneurial transaction team.


We offer the entire range of services of a typical sell-side process for mid-market companies, with a strong tech edge. We work in a flexible ecosystem of seasoned experts to cover all technical, scientific, IP, fiscal and legal aspects, when they can add value to your transaction at any stage of the process.

Within this established framework, we stand out by our clear identification of and investment in the activities that generate 80% of the value-added in a transaction: Formulating strategic value, running thorough global market intelligence, and deploying dynamic negotiation processes.

Company valuation

Understanding and defining the value of a company is an important first step to identify the transaction options available and test the project’s alignment with the owners’ expectations. We first seek to understand the value drivers of the firm, its strategic strengths as well as its weaknesses.From this first analysis, we select the most appropriate valuation methods and test the results against prevailing market situation.

Exit planning

The objective of exit planning is to define the exit timeline, the potential investment market, and the exit strategy. An exit strategy implies a trade-off between the owners’ personal exit timeline, the company’s actual situation (what could be optimized for a potential sale) and the prevailing market (consolidation trends, number of strategic buyers, exit valuation levels). The exit plan outlines several scenarios regarding what needs to be done, when, and in what direction.

Creating materials with impact

One of the key elements to create a competitive bidding scenario is to get your buyer’s immediate attention and arouse their curiosity. In today’s fast-paced business environment, this can only be achieved with materials that make your opportunity stand out from the crowd. All materials pertaining to a company sale need to be carefully crafted to ensure maximal impact: Clear and well-prioritized investment rationale, which are adapted to the different types of audience (strategic or financial investors do not have the same priorities), are central, but the graphic quality of the documents also matters. Here, we typically deploy professional graphists on all our final documents. 

Economic intelligence and outreach

To maximize the chances of a competitive scenario, you need to manufacture the biggest possible pipeline of credible potential buyers. This requires extensive research to identify all types of prospective buyers, across your industries’ value chain, next to it, nationally and internationally. Remember that strategic value is a key driver of bidding capacity, so the best buyer is often the one you do not know yet. Once the universe of potential buyer is large enough, and has been approved by the seller, we spend substantial time in validating the name and contact of the key decision-makers of the entities we want to approach. This then leads to an intensive outreach campaign where we create personal contact with these people to make them aware of the coming opportunity and prepare the ground for the reception of our material.

LOI, Due Dil, Negotiation, and Closing

The outreach campaign leads to the collection of the letter of intents (LOIs), which outlines the proposed transactions. We help you select the best LOI, and normally allocate a limited exclusivity to the chosen favourite to run his due diligence. Due diligence is a tedious task which needs to be properly managed, not least to shield the owners from overwhelming requests. We deploy a professional dataroom management protocole and act as the main gatekeeper with the prospective buyer. Then, the objective of the negotiation phase is to ensure progression towards the best possible deal, according your priorities, while maintaining healthy pressure on the process. Once price and terms have been agreed, a final exercise takes place to coordinate contract lawyers and bankers, and close the transaction.

team & spirit

Stockalper has been created around a team of strong, passionate, professionals who all share a dual background in finance and entrepreneurship. We are driven by the passion for what we do, and live by the values of authenticity, transparency, dedication and relentless curiosity. 

We pride ourselves on being a new breed of M&A advisory that is operated by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, because selling a company is a critical mission that necessitates absolute commitment and total availability, 7 days a week.

We put great care in being selective on the projects we work with and transparent about our ability to provide value in each situation. This enables us to control the size of our project pipeline, in order to guarantee systematic and independent delivery of the highest possible impact for our clients.

While the essence of our work is to market a unique product that usually only gets sold once, we always aim to create long-term relationships with our clients, who become by far our best ambassadors.

Manuel Wildhaber, Partner

Manuel has over 12 years of experience in finance, investment and entrepreneurship. Prior to launching Stockalper, Manuel was leading the mid-market M&A team of the Swiss consulting firm Edgar Brandt Advisory.

He also brings an investor DNA to the company, gathered from his previous background as an investment strategist for  fundamental value capabilities at UBS. He has also been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures as founder or co-founder: UAV solutions (RedLine and Opaerial), renewable energy project development (Powersquare), and sustainable luxury jewelry (Pierre d’Alexis).

Manuel holds a Certificate in Negotiation from MIT Sloan, a Postgrad in Project Finance from Middlesex University, and a Masters in International Economics from the Graduate Institute in Geneva. He speaks French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian.


Arnaud Siberchicot, Partner

Arnaud has over 10 years of experience in corporate finance and investment banking.

Prior to launching Stockalper, Arnaud was the lead sell-side M&A transaction manager for the Swiss consulting boutique Edgar Brandt Advisory. Arnaud has also worked in France for the major Caisse des Dépôts Investment Bank during 4 years, and then joined Deloitte in Switzerland. He has been involved in numerous M&A transactions, in various sectors such as tech, security, audit & accounting, construction and manufacturing. He also has a solid entrepreneurial background as a founder in a luxury bag brand for bikes (Vacquier) and co-founder of a brand of high-end fashion accessories (Son Noguera).

Arnaud is a French Chartered Accountant and holds a Master degree in Finance from the EDHEC Business School in France. He lives between France and Switzerland and speaks French and English. 

Dr. Damien Friot, Chairman

Damien has over 20 years of experience in supply chain analysis, impact engineering, consulting and entrepreneurship. Prior to launching Stockalper m&a and Ecometrics Sàrl, Damien has founded several successful consulting companies, where he advised multinational corporations, SMEs and Governmental Entities : He was a founding partner of Shaping Environmental Action, a reknown consultancy in the field of supply chain analysis. He was also among the co-founders  of the international impact consulting group Quantis, where he was in charge of developing impact assessment softwares. Prior to his consulting carreer, Damien held a research position at UBS. Damien holds a PhD in Energetics from the Ecole des Mines, a Masters Degree in Economics from the Graduate Institute in Geneva, and as Masters Degree in Life Science from EPFL. Damien is fluent in French, German, English and Spanish, as well as a long list of programming languages. He is a passionate alpinist, freeskier and kitesurfer.


We are proud of our alliance with Tower Corporate Finance International Ltd., with whom we share similar values and vision regarding M&A operations.  

Tower is an international group of M&A professionals operating in Amsterdam, London and New York. Our alliance with Tower enables us to increase our firepower for large and complex international deals.  


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