Case study

Quantis is a leading sustainability consultancy with over 300 employees and offices in five countries. The founders of Quantis selected Stockalper to plan and execute a global campaign, with the goal of identifying the best possible partner to accelerate Quantis's global impact. Stockalper undertook a multifactorial selection, including assessments of potential strategic partner ambitions with respect to sustainability and culture fits. Through a systematic global process Boston Consulting Group was determined as the best fit strategically and culturally for Quantis. Together, BCG and Quantis aim to lead the global transformation toward a new planetary economy in which business gives nature a seat at the table.

Read the press release here.

"Stockalper did a phenomenal job for us. They managed a professional process that was way beyond our expectations, with ambition and speed, always keeping our culture in mind.

Their understanding of the strategic dynamics around sustainability is second-to-none, and I would recommend them in a heartbeat as advisor for any high-level sustainability M&A operation at the global level". 

Jon Dettling, Founder and Shareholder, Quantis